About Us

Founder : Sobhi Alameh
Co-Founder: Moe Alameh


VITTO is a web-based platform, designed to operate as an online shop, where we displays= products for sale, and where the shopper can acquire those products against payment of the relevant price and shipping cost.

As things currently stand, the founders are considering adapting the new trend, where traditional marketing is coming to an edge, and where much of the consumers’ attention is devoted to their devices.

When the founders decided to open their own shopfront, they thought about serving the company’s customers and building up trust and loyalty with them; as well, they agreed to share a part of their revenues with those customers.

This ecommerce platform will be supported with a Digital Marketing Feature, including links to Social Media, Search Engine, Shipment Tracking and Reward Programs.

VITTO strives to combine the performance expectations of a “Profitable Business” with the Social, Fiscal and Compliance responsibilities, all together considered as unique challenges for the management in a reasonably difficult environment to deliver the expected profits for investors and respect the engagements of social activities and sharing revenues.

ALL items on the platform will be of Excellent Quality and will bear VITTO Brand, providing the customers with a satisfactory experience and encouraging them to place future/additional orders. VITTO will not enter into direct competition with any other existing brand or ecommerce platform, but it will definitely provoke others to follow their model.
Yet, VITTO will raise the barriers to entry and create a brand equity

VITTO offer to its customers unique idea that boosts the adrenaline level and give all customers equivalent chance to win valuable prizes, where the Ticket(s) holder(s) will earn the right to participate in a draw for each lot(s) and get a chance(s) to win a valuable prize. The platform will offer multiple chances of winning and there will be no limitations regarding customers participation, as long as they are effecting the purchase(s) transaction and making the appropriate payment(s).